• The movement is growing!

    Posted on July 22, 2010 by in Blog, Uncategorized

    This October, Hunter College is sponsoring a summit dedicated to educating people about the treatment of women in the media. Check out their blog for more information about how you can get involved!
    Here is an excerpt from their website:
    After all, in the name of public health, media needs to be clear about defining and depicting the huge chasm between ’sexuality’ and ’sexualization’ as it’s getting muddy out there and youth are being objectified and personified as parts instead of whole beings.
    They offer several tips for getting involved in the movement against the sexualization of women and youth in the media. Here are a few of their suggestions:
    • Encourage your Members of Congress to fight for regulations against the sexualization of youth in the media
    • Direct your members and fans to the Girl Scouts Advocacy Network, where they can send messages encouraging their U.S. Representative to be a voice for girls
    • Get the word out!
    • Post information about the bill on your social media sites – Blogs, Facebook, Twitter
    • Feature male characters who value female characters for their talents, intelligence, and overall personalities, not just their appearances
    In addition, make sure you “Like” the iOppose page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! Help put an end to the media’s exploitation of women and children!