• Carol in the News: Carol Conklin speaks about Rep. Anthony Weiner scandal

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    Another representative caught in a scandal
    Buffalo, June 9, 2011: Over the past year there has been a consistent pattern of individuals in the public eye who have admitted to sexually defiant behavior. Many wonder what these men were thinking in behaving in such a manner, or what is motivating them to act in this way. Carol Conklin, a local expert on the topic of sex addiction and healthy sexuality, gives her opinion on the latest scandal surrounding politician Anthony Weiner.
    “Electronic technology and the increasing use of social networking offers positive opportunities for communication. It has also created an environment for addictive or inappropriate behavior of all sorts. What may start out as an innocent interaction related to common interest, can lead to compromising personal and social values and denial of the potential consequences of the behavior to self and others.
    It is important to realize that crossing relationship boundaries is not merely a bane of those in positions of power or celebrity.  These incidences are occurring all over America, damaging relationships and families by violating commonly held social norms related to interpersonal trust.  We must do more as a society to address these issues and prevent them from happening. It is necessary that we understand what constitutes healthy sexuality, how to harness our urges and impulses, and learn to make positive choices for ourselves and others.
    We as a society must begin to break away from our cultural malaise and start a conversation related to sexual boundaries in our electronic age. By proactively educating our leaders and the general public about how to prevent these harmful behaviors from beginning or progressing, we can avoid the negative chain reaction.”
    – Carol Conklin
    Carol Conklin is a New York State licensed clinical social worker and an expert in sexual addiction assessment, evaluation & treatment. She is the President and Founder of iOppose Inc. a nonprofit organization formed to promote the prevention of sexual exploitation, including early intervention strategies with those at risk for developing sexually addictive behavior. Also, as a psychotherapist, she has helped thousands of individuals as well as couples and groups progress through the stages of healing from past trauma and current stressors related to sexual compulsivity  Ms. Conklin also provides consultant to local and national media related to sex and relationships.
    If you would like to speak with Ms. Conklin in more detail about these issues, please contact the iOppose office at 716.883.6718.