• 6-year-old rapper stars in “Booty Pop” music video

    Posted on March 23, 2013 by in Blog

    Albert Roundtree, Jr. is an aspiring rapper. His music video, titled “Booty Pop,” is filled with promiscuity not unlike many other music videos today. The video is filled with gyrating women in bikinis, while Albert raps “I can make your booty pop” while squirting them with a supersoaker. This would normally just be thrown in with the countless other music videos with similar imagery, were it not for one thing: Albert Roundtree, Jr., the rapper and star of this video, is six years old.

        In many instances throughout the video he looks almost confused, not knowing why he is there or what he is rapping about. “Booty Pop” exemplifies the problem with our society we at iOppose are fighting to stop. Sexuality in itself is normal and healthy, but the way many people view it is not. Whether it has been because of the media, or simply because of people in our society deifying celebrities who have twisted notions about it, sexuality in pop culture has become something artificial and hollow.

    Surrounded by various forms of media which associate sexuality with happiness, money, power, drugs, violence, or even the ability to rhyme words in a specific fashion, many people are losing track of what is natural and what is healthy. Maybe Albert Raintree, Jr. is more than just a victim of our sexual culture; he could very well represent the confusion many, even adults, face day to day. Maybe men and women who are thirty, fifty, twenty, or seventy years old find themselves surrounded by hyper sexuality and, somewhere inside are just as confused as Albert.