My use of internet pornography started with simple curiosity at age 13. Before long, I was unwittingly exposed to everything from child pornography to beastiality. Countless adults solicited me, “just wanting to talk.” I thought these things were disgusting, but they were difficult to avoid.

As I reached adulthood, I realized pornography was an addiction. I kept trying to stop but couldn’t. I started to fantasize about children while ‘regular porn’ became less and less exciting. I knew I was on the wrong path and hated myself for it. But I couldn’t stop.

Early intervention with iOppose founder Carol Conklin is what halted my cycle of addiction and prevented me from becoming a perpetrator of sexual abuse. I needed someone to believe in me and give me the necessary tools to heal.

Today I am living a life free from obsession with pornography and fantasies of children. My life is much richer and more fulfilling. Quite simply, early intervention saved my life.


The event at UB, designed to raise awareness for Human Trafficking, was nothing short of eye opening. I was shocked at how evil it really is, but I was more appalled at how the world turns a blind eye to this very tragic and serious social problem. Society has many ills, and this one has exploited young girls everywhere who are broken and vulnerable. Sadly, since it’s lucrative, many men become desensitized and view the young ladies, or adult women, as objects and a means to an end rather than a human being. In a capitalist society where money is the chief priority, greed and excess have overtaken the hearts of individuals and have led to more dehumanization. The problem is the heart and the only one who can change that is Jesus Christ! It’s good to know that in this very dark world there is still a Light that can extinguish all darkness and evil and a solution to this problem. We as humans, and Christians need to speak out.


What I learned from working with IOppose at Unbound, an event to fight human trafficking, was the importance of dealing with the root cause of society’s problems. For example when we address injustices such as human trafficking, IOppose highlighted how this usually begins with sexual exploitation at home or with people that the victims know. I learned through this event to be aware of what goes on around me and learn to look for signs of a potential victim.


iOppose came to the University at Buffalo for an event run by the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship called “Unbound, Breaking The Chains Of Human Trafficking”. I had never really thought about the issue before, I always looked at it as a small issue that mostly exists in other parts of the world. The event opened up my eyes to see that this is a relevant issue for everyone everywhere, and how human trafficking even exists in the city of Buffalo, my own backyard.

My heart grew for those who I know who have struggled with sexual abuse growing up. I began to clearly see, and pray, for victims of sexual abuse and the abusers in my community and around the world. I really got to see how this issue affects lives of real people today. I even began to see how media, pornography, and the way we as people look at each other contributes to this problem. Since this event I have engaged friends and family about this issue, and how God calls us to respect life and one another. Without the work of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and iOppose to make this issue a part of the campus wide conversation, myself, and many other students at the University at Buffalo would have never even thought about this issue.