Mission & Vision

International Organization to Promote Prevention Of Sexual Exploitation (iOPPOSE, Inc.)

Carol Conklin, LCSW-R
President & Founder

iOPPOSE, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization created to promote prevention of sexual abuse and other forms of sexual exploitation by educating the public regarding healthy sexuality, the nature and effects of media and culture on normal sexual  development, and the nature, causes and prevention of sexually exploitative, addictive, or abusive behaviors.  IOPPOSE will helps to reduce the incidence of sexual exploitation and abuse in our society for the benefit of the community as a whole.

The Mission

Promote prevention We will increase public awareness about the negative effects of early sexualization on our youth, and equip parents and other concerned adults with the training and tools needed for early intervention and prevention strategies.
iOppose is a nonprofit organization promoting prevention of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. We will be agents of change by restoring the value of innocence and natural and healthy sexual development.

We stand firm for necessary change to benefit current and future generations.


Cultivate a society that supports children and adolescents, by adults protecting them from those who would want to take their innocence.


Educate adults on how to recognize the risk factors and safety measures necessary to mediate the incidences of child molestation, sexual abuse, child pornography and domestic violence.
Increase public awareness and understanding of healthy sexuality, and the possible progression to sexual addictive behavior, which can leas to sexual offending.
Create opportunities to reduce the stigma and shame that surrounds deviant sexual interest and build a supportive culture that allows those struggling to reach out for help before thoughts have become behaviors.

Inform the public about the impact of a sexualized media and culture on normal sexual development, and how early sexualization of adolescents and children can set them up for being victimized or exploiting others

Hold the sexualized media and related industries responsible for the funding of sex addiction recovery, and support programs for those who have been victimized, directly or indirectly, by the abuse of sexual trust.
Current Conditions

  • There are no known government programs for increasing awareness, preventing, or promoting early intervention for potentially offending behavior.
  • The state and federal government spends billions of dollars catching and convicting offenders after they have committed sexual crimes.
  • If a portion of these resources were directed toward early intervention with those individuals with recognized risk factors, fewer children and adults would be abused.
  • A national survey of youth and caretakers suggested that about 320,400 children were sexually abused or assaulted in a recent year (about 80% of those are girls).
  • Despite the benefits of the internet, it has presented an unprecedented marketplace for all things sexual from the titillating to the perverse.
    • 2006 worldwide sex and pornography revenues were an estimated $97.06 billion. Approximately $13 billion of that was spent in the United States alone.
    • There are 68 million daily pornographic search engine requests (or 25% of total search engine requests).
  • According to recent research, those who offend against children tend to be juveniles or young adults under the age of 30.
    • Most sexual abuse and sex crimes are committed by people who know the victims.
    • Acquaintances are most often the perpetrators, followed by family members and then strangers.
  • Early sexualization is linked to common mental health problems.
    • Eating Disorders, Low Self-Esteem and Depression are increasing among girls and women.
    • Substance Abuse, Violence, and Sexual Disorders are more evident among boys and men.



Carol Conklin
December, 2009

For more information on iOppose please call 716.883.6718 or visit www.ioppose.org